Future of India

According to me India has a great future, given the unprecedented growth in Indian economy and its role in the International issues. Proud India is now riding on the wave of a great boom in Internet & Computer driven new economy of India. India has also become a nuclear power. India's security concerns have been to some extent reduced by the possession of nuclear weapons, though fears remain of an expensive Indian defense expenditure to sustain the nuclear programs. Indian culture is influencing the western world in dress, food and festivals. The Indian Diaspora is increasing in Indian economic prosperity and status. The Indian is a force to reckon with in every country because of the contribution of the Indians to the country concerned. Indian community & Indian groups are funding and giving their share in progress in many great super power countries of the world. The 21st century could well belong to proud Indians and Proud India if it fully utilize its energy , power and other resources and expertise. Indian population is an asset for India and not a pull down factor. All we Have to do is Think Positively and move in the right direction. Finally India is going to prove just that.

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